Why RGR?

  • Partnership:

    The culture at RGR is one of partnership with the Boards of Trustees and Homeowners of all properties that we manage. Like our tag line says “We manage your property like it’s our own”.

  • Accountability:

    At RGR, we are very aware of the significant level of trust and responsibility given to us in our role of managing your finances. Our expertise in this area is second to none and this is exemplified in our monthly and annual financial statement reporting packages, which are prepared with the highest level of transparency.

  • Experience:

    We combine many years of experience in both the financial and real estate industries. We have taken on Associations in financial difficulty and carefully managed them back to stability. We have overseen the transition of new developments from developer to Condominium Association. We are also well versed in the process of seamlessly transitioning Associations from their current/previous management company over to our services.

  • Diligence:

    We carry out every aspect of our work on a daily basis with care and with a unified goal of not only satisfying our clients but exceeding their expectations in all that we do.

  • Ask our clients:

    At RGR we encourage our prospective clients to contact our existing clients for references.

  • Insurance:

    RGR is a fully insured property management company with coverage for comprehensive general liability, workers compensation and errors and omissions in excess of $1 million respectively.