The following documents are available from RGR Property Management for condominium unit owners and their representatives.  Please complete the relevant information for your request and submit it for processing.

Your mortgage lender will require you to present a 6D certificate at the closing/refinancing of your unit. The 6D certificate states the balance owed by the unit owner to the condominium association, as of the End of the month in which the closing takes place.  Mortgage lenders may also require a current insurance certificate from the association’s insurance carrier or a condominium financing questionnaire.  In addition, lenders  frequently require copies of the association’s operating budget, financial statements and meeting minutes.

To obtain the required documents, please send the completed form and check for the designated amount, payable to RGR Property Management, 139 Weymouth St, Rockland, MA 02370.

Your account will be charged the required fee. PLEASE NOTE: A 6-D CERTIFICATE WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE IS $0.00

Document Order Form

Please Allow 5 Business Days For Processing.

For Expedited processing in 2 business days, additional $99 fee.


Document Request Cost
All Documents (Electronic versions: Condo Docs, Condo Questionnaire, Financial Reports, 6D & Insurance Certificate). $299.00
6D Certificate $99.00
Insurance Certificate $35.00
Standard Financing Questionnaire Sheet $99.00
Financial Reports (Monthly operating budget, financial statement & annual meeting minutes) $65.00
Condominium Documents (electronic version: Master Deed & Declaration of Trust) $65.00

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The undersigned owner hereby authorizes RGR Property Management to release information in all matters concerning the unit and the Association, including pending litigation (if any). Information in reference to this transaction is being provided by RGR, in it’s capacity as Agent for the Association or Trust, to the best of it’s knowledge and belief. Information has been gathered from sources deemed to be reliable. However, RGR does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information and you are urged to verify this information through other sources. I agree to pay RGR the total amount due for the items requested. I further agree to pay a minimum of $250 in collection costs should RGR be required to pursue collection actions for payment of ordered information.