We began the arduous search for a new management company after our previous company failed to meet our expectations. As a Trustee, we want all unit owners to know that we as a board are acting in their best interests and taking the steps needed to maintain a beautiful and safe living environment while keeping costs down. Our previous company was not meeting these expectations and our property was showing signs of neglect. Projects had fallen by the way side, the rules written in the condo documents were not being enforced, and no preventative maintenance measures had been taken. We met with several different companies and decided that RGR Property Management was the best fit for us and we as a board could not be more pleased. The owner himself is directly involved in our property and provides both experience and guidance when it comes to our property. RGR assessed our property in total and put together a detailed plan and budget that met the goals of our community. In a few short months we have already seen a drastic improvement in the quality of life and I would highly recommend RGR Property Management to any board looking to go above and beyond for their unit owners.
Matthew, Trustee.



The Board of our Condominium Trust is very pleased with the professional services provided to us by RGR Property Management. The office staff is very responsive to our needs as a board and a condo neighborhood. We continue to have nothing but positive comments from the owners as well as to the excellent service provided. We look forward to more of the same.
Jim, Trustee.



It’s been nearly a year since the devastating fire we experienced at our association. I wanted to follow up with you and express my appreciation again on the support and expert handling from RGR that we experienced due to this tragic event. Now that we are well underway with the rebuild of our loss, we can see the Light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to getting things back to normal.
The performance of you and the entire RGR team made dealing with this situation for the Trustee’s and Owners as palatable as possible considering all the circumstances and challenges we faced. From the response RGR provided on the day of the event, through dealings with insurance companies, public adjusters, the Town, the Owners and Trustee’s you answered the bell each and every time. Also with all the additional support and service RGR supplied during this time never did the rest of our complex experience any short falls of your daily responsibilities of managing and maintaining the property. In fact since my tenure as a Trustee the grounds and buildings have never looked better and the financial position of our Association has never been stronger.
I felt compelled to pass on my satisfaction of RGR’s performance as our management company. As a business owner myself I spend a good portion of every day dealing with client issues and sometimes unreasonable demands. I always appreciate when a customer acknowledges our hard work and the services we provide. Your organization continues to deliver the promises you made when our Board had interviewed RGR and put you under contract. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Jim, Trustee.



I just wanted to thank you and your team for making the transition of our condominium association from self-management to professional management with your group as easy as it was. Everything was laid out by you and your team, and your guidance and assistance to all of our unit-owners, and particularly the trustees, has been great.
Your experience, and ability to provide incisive support has been wonderful for the trustees, and we appreciate you and your team very much.
Thank you again for all your efforts on our behalf.
Harriet, Trustee.