“It’s been nearly a year since the devastating fire we…

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Yes We’ve Been Through It

On a typical Sunday morning in the summer of 2013, one of our Condo Associations experienced the unimaginable. Twelve units were completed gutted in a fast-moving fire, caused by careless cigarette disposal. Fortunately, everybody got out alive but the loss was nevertheless devastating to those homeowners and residents.

Within an hour of the emergency call, RGR Property Management had implemented its Crisis Management procedures and calmly coordinated with the Fire Department, Insurance Adjusters, Homeowners, and media, while also assisting the families who had lost everything in the fire.

In the days after the fire, we continued to work with the families and the board. We assisted them in recovering what could be salvaged from the destroyed units and helped them secure temporary housing. We provided guidance to the board to navigate the complicated world of insurance adjusters, restoration service companies and dealing with distressed unit owners.

We oversaw the insurance claim process and secured a settlement that fully covered the cost of rebuilding the units. Furthermore, we managed the entire capital project from demolition of the old units to full rebuild of twelve new units.


Our Promise

Our crisis management experience is unique when compared with many property management companies. While we hope none of our clients ever experience such a tragedy, you can rest assured that in any emergency, RGR Property Management is ready to respond.