RGR Property Management offers a full suite of services to condominium associations. We will customize a variety of management functions to suit your association’s needs.


Financial Management

At RGR we are aware of the significant level of trust and responsibility given to us in this role. We provide accurate monthly and annual financial statement reporting packages with full substantiation of budget variances and updated projections where necessary.

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Our experience makes us fully equipped to deal with any situation. We have worked with Associations that came to us in financial difficulty and managed them back to stability. RGR has also overseen the transition of new developments from developer to Condominium Association. Both trustees and owners can take comfort in RGR diligently preserving and planning the financial well-being of their Association.


Our detailed annual budget process is a collaborative exercise whereby we work closely with the trustees to review prior spending and assess current needs to prepare a fiscally responsible budget.

Monthly Financial Reports

Our monthly financial reports include an Income & Expense Report, Budget Variance Report, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Delinquency Report and Reconciled Bank Statements. These reports are immediately available to the Board of trustees through our online portal. Boards of trustees are also enabled with access to our portal to review all financials in real time, and the ability to drill down to view actual invoices, if they so choose.


We provide detailed reports to enable the preparation of your annual tax return. We also review your property taxes and make recommendations on filing for property tax abatements as needed.

Administrative Services

At RGR, we recognize communication as the back bone of effective management. Our commitment is to respond to all communication within 24 hours and never let any item “slip through the cracks”.

Our services incorporate the use of the most up to date and customized technology for our Community Associations and Homeowners. The RGR portal provides an online user-friendly platform to view real-time account status, updates, pay dues/fees (one time or recurring payments), and to submit a request.

Legal and collection